Total Workshop Time: 90 Minutes

Pre-requisites: None


By applying knowledge of the brain and how we work together, Choose Happiness @ Work engages learners in a unique and powerful way. It uses learning, application, humor and team-building in a fun experience and teaches science-based tools in a way that allows people to safely raise and discuss issues, build trust, and boost engagement. 

This workshop uses the game, Happiness @ Work as the mechanism for discussion. We focus on select concepts and scenarios to provide opportunities for discussion and practice of key principles related to Practicing Positivity, Subduing Stress, Using Flow to Reach Goals, and Revitalizing Relationships. Each scenario identifies and provides context for a common workplace situation, followed by a succinct scientific justification for why it is a problem at work. Small groups then recommend a solution from cards that relate to the principles. The cards provide many unique practice opportunities that meet the needs and working styles of diverse individuals and teams.


  • Consider solutions to common, stressful workplace scenarios
  • Cooperate and collaborate to determine a course of action
  • Consider the science behind the solutions

This workshop uses the game, Happiness @ Work as the mechanism for discussion.

Facilitated by: Gail Napora, Director, Talent Development and Jules Myers, Professional Development Specialist, Talent Development

Workshop Classifications

Competency: Communication

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