The John C Wells Planetarium Public Science Talk Series is aimed at a general audience, is free, and all are encouraged to attend. 

These talks are presented by experts from around the world who are coming to talk about the science they do in a way meant to be understood by anyone with an interest in science. 

Previous Science Talks
The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy, October 6, 2016
Cosmochemistry: Understanding Our Origins


Nobel Laurete Dr John Mather Visits JMU
Listening to the Big Bang
The Exciting Life of Bars in Galaxies


Galaxy Collisions, Starbursts and Giant Black Holes!
Explosions in the Cosmos Dr Jolie Cizewski

reaching for the stars dr david leisawitz

How are innate human qualities reflected in our quest to explore and comprehend the universe? Our Nation's space science endeavors have practical and sometimes hidden benefits, and can be inspiring, but fundamentally they are a manifestation of human nature, and something in which we can all take pride. Using NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission as an example, I'd like to bring a space mission "down to Earth." My goals are to demystify the machines that help us answer some of the deepest questions we've thought to ask, to share the joy of scientific discovery, and to shed a bit of light on the path that lies ahead.—Dave Leisawitz

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