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Christian Studies Minor

This minor provides students with a systematic understanding of Christianity as a religion of global significance. Students begin their studies by exploring the history, beliefs and practices of diverse Christian traditions, from the ancient to the modern. Additional courses address the complex relationship between Christianity and various facets of the contemporary world, such as politics, culture, religious pluralism, science, terrorism and race.

Although many Christian students pursue this minor in order to explore their own faith tradition more deeply, studying religion academically is different than being religious. Students of all backgrounds join our courses to explore the many ways in which Christians throughout history have approached life's big questions, applied their values, shaped their communities, and impacted the wider world.

Required Courses

Credit Hours

REL 202. Introduction to New Testament


REL 340. Introduction to Christianity


REL 348. Christianity in Global Context


Choose three courses from the following, at least two of which must be at the 300- or 400-level:


REL 201. Introduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament


REL 218. Philosophy of Religion


REL 240. Jesus and the Moral Life


REL 280. Religion and Science


REL 324. Latin American Christianity


REL 325. Catholicism in the Modern World


REL 332. Born Again Religion


REL 336. African-American Religion


REL 341. Early Christian Gospels: Origins, History, and Conflict

REL 342. The Historical Jesus Quest

REL 343. Paul and the Origins of Christianity


REL 360. History of Christian Thought


REL 363. Apocalypticism, Religious Terrorism and Peace


REL 380. Contemporary Theologies


REL 450. Religion and Society


REL 460. Topics in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Literature




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