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Useful Links: JMU

Philosophy research portal at JMU: https://guides.lib.jmu.edu/philosophy

Other Useful Links

More useful links:

  • How to Do Well in a College (Philosophy) Class – by Matt McCormick.
  • Philosophy Basics (http://www.joshdmay.com/teaching/philosophy-basics/) – some of the basics for those just getting into philosophy.
  • How to Construct an Essay – guidelines for writing an essay/paper (primarily in the humanities).
  • Writing in Philosophy – guidelines for how to write essays/papers in the discipline of philosophy.
  • Sample Philosophy Paper – by Angela Mendelovici (Western Ontario).
  • Philosophy Help (http://www.joshdmay.com/teaching/philosophy-help/) – more resources for students of philosophy.
  • Philosophy Links (http://www.joshdmay.com/about/links/) – links to various philosophy-related websites.

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