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PBS TeacherLine is the premier professional development resource offering online courses for PreK-12 teachers. Trained, certified facilitators lead courses in Reading/Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, STEM, Instructional Technology, and Instructional Strategies. And online learning is fun, flexible, and collaborative!

JMU credit earned through PBS Teacherline courses may count toward selected JMU degree programs. Credit for each course would be considered on a case by case basis by the program involved. The cost of graduate tuition for this program for 2019-2020 is $93/credit hour. 

To register for these courses and earn graduate credit through JMU:

  1. Register to participate in the course online through PBS Teacherline (http://pbs.org/teacherline). 
  2. Complete a JMU Non-degree Seeking Student Application (click on apply in the left sidebar and select "I want to take a JMU class) Indicate which Teacherline course you are seeking graduate credit for, including the PBS section number; for example, RDLA 157.57. This will enable us to process your application for the correct class. In order to be eligible for graduate credit, you MUST have submitted your application to JMU before the last day of your class. 
  3. We will enroll you in your course for graduate credit and send you a confirmation once you are enrolled.  Please DO NOT try and enroll yourself in this class.

For more information about registering for graduate credit, please contact us at 540-568-4253.

For more information about PBS TeacherLine, please visit the main website at:

For in-state teachers: http://www.virginiateacherline.org/

For out-of-state teachers: http://pbs.org/teacherline

For a list of the Teacherline courses for which JMU graduate credit is available.

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