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Master's of Education in Literacy Education (M. Ed.)

The M.Ed. in Literacy Education Program is designed for experienced, licensed K-12 teachers.  Students who complete this degree fulfill partial requirements for the K-12 Reading Specialist endorsement in Virginia. This program is also suitable for teachers who wish to remain in regular classrooms and improve their expertise in literacy assessment and instruction. Framed by the International Literacy Association's Standards for Reading Professionals, this program includes a comprehensive set of courses and field experiences with a focus on literacy development across the grade levels and school-wide literacy leadership.

Currently, this degree program is offered only in off-campus locations in conjunction with JMU Professional & Continuing Education. The sequence of courses can be completed within three academic years, and all courses and field experiences are provided in the localities of each cohort.

If your Virginia school district would like to discuss the possibility of hosting the M.Ed. in Literacy Education Program, please contact Dr. Joy Myers, Program Coordinator ( or Sarah MacDonald in JMU Professional & Continuing Education (

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