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Autism now affects as many as 1 in every 68 children. In fact, prevalence of Autism in American children increased by 119% from 2000 to 2010, making Autism the fastest-growing developmental disability. As the number of Autism diagnoses grows, the demand for professionals to effectively serve this population is also increasing.

James Madison University has been at the forefront of providing online certificates in Autism Spectrum Disorder for years and is committed to helping build the leaders and professionals of tomorrow who have a passion to serve this community.

JMU’s program was developed specifically for professionals working with and supporting children and adults with Autism. This certificate is based on current research in the field of Autism and combines applied theory, ethics, and the application of research in various educational and support settings. 

James Madison University offers two certificates:

  • Undergraduate Autism Certificate: Our undergraduate level certificate is a 9-credit hour certificate program consists of 3 classes.
  • Graduate Autism Certificate: The graduate-level certificate program consists of 3 classes and 1 practicum class. 

Both certificates can be completed in less than a year, completely online. 

This is a valuable certificate if you are interested in or employed in counseling, social work, speech pathology, various fields of therapy, teaching, or program management in any area which provides services to individuals on the Autism spectrum.  


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