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Join Us for Family Weekend!

Join us for Family Weekend, September 30-October 2, 2022! Accommodations in the Harrisonburg area fill up fast, so be sure to book a place to stay soon.

Family Weekend Schedule          

Annual JMU Parent(s) of the Year Award

Each year to celebrate Family Weekend, JMU recognizes an outstanding family member or members based on student nominations. This year we had 124 students nominate their parent(s) or guardian(s)! Stay tuned for halftime of the Family Weekend football game when the winner of the 2022 Parent of the Year Award will be announced!


We're pleased to honor and celebrate the 2022 JMU Parent of the Year, Kaaren Jurack! Kaaren was nominated by her son, Joshua ('23).

2022 JMU Parent of the Year Recipient

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