Family Weekend 

Family Weekend Oct. 10-12, 2014


Football: JMU Dukes vs. Towson Tigers, tickets on sale June 1

Additional events coming soon.


Parent of the Year 2013

Lori Cregger's ('15) winning Parent of the Year essay about her dad, Teddy Cregger. Mr. Cregger and his family were recognized  at Family Weekend.

Parent of the Year: My dad is my Hero for many reasons. After my mom died of Breast cancer, he was left alone with 3 little girls. Not only did he decide to raise us as a single dad, he took on both roles. I was four years old and my sisters were a mere 18 months. He’s always been super dad to me. He’s always been the person to push me the hardest but give me comfort in times of heartache. I remember countless times as a teenager when I would cry to him over stupid boys and every time he would offer a warm hug and tissues. He’s done everything from running to Wal-Mart for the emergency chocolate to taking me to band practice in high school. I even remember when he tried to teach me what make-up was and how to apply it; that was the funniest experience I’ve had by far.
He may not be the usual parents of the year since he is only parent and not plural but he is all I’ve ever needed. Even as a junior at JMU, I still talk to him every day. I literally call him a few times a day and we always talk about the highlights and the best gossip from my hometown. He pushed me to go to a college that I wanted to go to, whether that be the most expensive or the smallest in size. He raised me to respect my peers and my elders but also to appreciate the small things in life because, after all, life is far too short to not enjoy the small pleasures.

My dad is my parent of the year because he not only pushed through the toughest time in his life (losing his wife) but he held it together for us. He’s my parent of the year because even when times are tough he’s always offering an encouraging word and positives when I can only see the negatives. He’s my parent of the year because not only is he my dad but he’s my best friend.

Describe parent/guardian in one word: Tireless

Best piece of advice parent/guardian gave: At the end of the day, your word is all you have; once that's gone, you have nothing.