Passport to Retirement is a noncredit personal development course at JMU intended to help assist adults of all ages in preparing for retirement. The course meets one evening a week for three consecutive weeks or two Saturday mornings. 

This recently updated course has been developed to help you learn more about planning for a comfortable retirement. It is designed to give you the tools necessary to make more informed decisions regarding your financial future.

The course includes the information you need to assess the costs associated with retirement, determine your sources of retirement income, improve your investment potential, reduce your financial risk, and help preserve your estate for your heirs. You’ll also find out how to fight the effects of inflation, avoid unnecessary taxes, and protect yourself from the potentially devastating costs associated with long-term-care expenses.

You’ll learn how to integrate important concepts to help you prepare for retirement. The decisions you make in these key areas will ultimately determine your financial success. Through examples, exercises, and case studies, you’ll discover how to take control of your finances and position yourself for a brighter financial future.

An Educational Learning Experience

The course curriculum illustrates how time-tested financial principles can be applied to a variety of financial situations. In addition to receiving the latest facts and figures on retirement planning, you’ll also benefit from visual aids and handouts that are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Your homework will reinforce class work and build a foundation for your personal financial program. The instruction is designed to show you a number of financial concepts that will expand your knowledge base.

Course Materials

You’ll receive a 135-page workbook that contains current information about financial concepts and tools. The workbook is designed to follow the presentation and serve as a reference tool in the years to come. It includes valuable exercises, worksheets, and key descriptions that will reinforce concepts learned during class.

Optional Financial Review

As a course participant, you will be given an opportunity to sign up for a one-on-one meeting in a private setting to review your needs and concerns. At that time, you’ll have a chance to ask your instructor specific questions about your situation, your investments, and your goals.

During these classes, all illustrations and examples are generic. You will receive no sales pitch, nor will you hear details about specific products or financial services.

Passport to Retirement

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