What information is helpful to report? How many details should be included?

Please: Include time, day, date, place, and all the details you can provide.  Think in terms of triangulation—the concept of three lines coming together at a certain point.  When confronted, hazing chapter members usually deny that any hazing is occurring.  If you, as the anonymous reporter, can provide detailed information, some hazing chapter leaders will realize that the best next step is to acknowledge the hazing.

Regardless, your help is deeply appreciated.


An example of a detailed anonymous report

Organization(s) in Question:

Alpha Beta Gamma fraternity


Date of Incident:

Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Time of Incident:

11:26 p.m.


Where did the event happen?

Please be as specific as possible – an address, room number, building, etc.

Alpha Beta Gamma house at 453 Center St.


Description of Concerns

Please provide as many details as possible

I was taking my dog for a late walk on Wednesday, November 15th, 2023. We were walking on the sidewalk in the 400 block of Center Street. We were on the sidewalk across Center Street from the Alpha Beta Gamma house. The weather was chilly but clear.

I observed a group of young men standing in front of the Alpha Beta Gamma chapter house at 11:26 p.m. I believe the address is 453 Center Street.  There were by my count 21 young men and they were dressed in what appeared to be identical fashion: white t-shirts and blue jeans. I observed what appeared to be hand-drawn writing, dark in color, on the backs of some of the t-shirts. I could make out one large word on some of the shirts, which was “Crumb”

The men were standing outside the house in a line, shoulder to shoulder. They were all facing the same way, which was west, toward the east side of the house. 

There were at least three other young men, based upon the tone of their voices, wearing coats and hats who were standing six to eight feet by my estimation in front of the 21 men. These men were facing the line of 21 or facing east.

The temperature at that point in time was 34 degrees according to my phone.  There was a breeze blowing—when I returned home I noted that the windchill index was 26 degrees.

Several people inside the house—they sounded like young men--were yelling things at the men standing outside from the second floor through an open window. I heard profanities and obscenities used.  I heard one person inside the house yell, “You (expletive deleted) pledges aren’t getting in until you recite it right”.  Most of the individuals standing outside had red books in their hands. I noted that the men with books carried the books in their left hands. The books appeared to be hardbound—similar to textbooks.

I paused for a few moments in the shadow of a tree as I made these observations and heard things said. I was within 45’ or so of the end of the line closest to me. It was quiet—there were no other pedestrians and I think only one car drove by during the time I was there.

I overheard one of the individuals in line say, “This is stupid” and one of the 3 men standing in front of them said, “Shut up!”

I observed the individuals standing there from 11:26 p.m. to 11:38 p.m. Several of the men in line folded their arms in front of them as if for warmth.  One of the 3 men standing in front of them then yelled, “Hands at your sides!” 

At 11:38 p.m. one of the individuals who was standing in front of the young men appeared to notice me and my dog. He had a brief conversation with the other two men. He then walked over to a point in the middle of the street and about 10’ from me. He said in a loud voice, “You shouldn’t be here—why don’t you leave?”  He startled my dog, who growled at him. I patted my dog to calm him down. I then told the individual that I had every right to stand on a public sidewalk. The young man appeared confused and uncertain of what to do next. He cursed me and then walked back to the lawn. He and the other two men spoke for a moment and then they went back into the ABG house. The men in the line then followed them into the ABG house, walking in a single line. After they entered the house I heard angry yelling. I also observed that there were black plastic garbage bags covering all of the windows on the first floor of the ABG house. The window on the second floor of the house was then closed.

I then continued to walk my dog. I took a different route back to my house.


Please upload any files you may have that provide evidence for this report. This could include screen shots, photos, etc.

filename.jpg [picture of the students lined up at the house with the address in clear view]


Full Name

Jordan Doe


Email  (@dukes.JMU.edu)



Phone Number

(540) 123-4567


If you would like us to follow up with you, please check the box below. This is optional and not necessary to submit your concern.

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This information provides the triangulation—day/date, place, time, and activities. It also provides a wealth of information that the reporting person gathered by simply standing and watching and listening. Police officers sometimes say that witnesses to a crime or situation provide an initial description containing about 25% of what they actually observed and heard, but with good, patient questioning another 60% or so can be reported.


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