This guide walks you through the process of editing automatically generated captions on YouTube.

* Note that the time it takes YouTube to generate automatic captions for recently uploaded videos is indeterminate, but usually occurs within the first 24 hours of initial upload.

Editing automatic captions is useful for media that is long (over 5-10 minutes), has excellent audio quality, and/or does not contain specialized or technical language.


  1. From the "Channel videos" page in your YouTube Studio, click on the video you would like to caption.
  2. On the "Video details" page, click on the "Subtitles" button in the left-side column.

  3. You will see a table on the "Video subtitles" page. These are subtitle tracks on your video. Find the track that says "English (Automatic)" and follow it across to the "Subtitles" column of the table. Click on the word "Published" in that column.

  4. You will be taken to a new screen titled "View published subtitles and CC." On this screen, click the "Edit" button in the top right corner.

  5. You are now in the "Transcribe and set timings" editor. On this page, edit each caption by following our caption editing guidelines.
    • Because a human did not create this transcript, you must pay special attention to the following:
      • Capitalization
      • Punctuation
      • Caption timings and length
      • Non-verbal sounds such as music and background noises (see our transcription guidelines for more information on formating)
    • Useful keystrokes include:
      • "Enter" to break one caption into two captions where your cursor is.
      • "Shift + Enter" to move words to the next line within the same caption.

  6. When you have edited the captions to your liking, click the "Save changes" button to the upper right side of the player.

You are now ready to share your captioned YouTube video!

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