About the MPA Program

If you have ever been interested in making a change in the lives and communities of those around you through the power of managment and administration, then James Madison University's Master of Public Administration degree is for you.  Led by professionals on the cutting edge of social change, our nationally-accredited MPA program will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform meaningful work in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other public-facing workplaces. Whether you're a public employee looking to grow, an industry professional seeing to make a career shift, or a fresh graduate eager to lead the charge, the MPA program gives you a terminal, professional-degree that allows you to be an effective team member of any organization, working in the public interest.  

Every JMU MPA student is employed in a sector and field of their choice within 6 months of graudation, 100%. The time has never been better to choose a career in public administration. Apply today, and learn how your social impact goals align with our curricular resources, community partners, and in our applied research experiences - for every student. 

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MPA Mission Statement

Through engaged teaching, research, and service, the MPA program equips current and future public service professionals with the capacity to address complex local and global problems.


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