Graduate Students at JMU may be hired as a Graduate Assistant (GA) where the University and The Graduate School compensate students with a stipend as well as a tuition waiver during the time period of the Assistantship contract. Students must be full-time graduate students, so accelerated MPA Program and part-time MPA students do not qualify for a GA position. There are two pools of GA positions: 

  1. First, the MPA Program and the Department of Political Science holds five GA opportunities for students to support the Department, the MPA Program, and the research and scholarship work for our faculty. Each year in February, the Program offers and allocates these GA positions across imcoming and current full-time MPA students for the upcoming academic year.  Please contact the MPA Program at if you have questions about these Department of Political Science GA positions. 

  2. The second pool of GA positions may be found by visiting JMU PageUp and clicking on the database entry link for Applicants.  Then, select 'Graduate Assistant' in 'Category' to find all openings across the JMU Campus. Note that the hiring for these positions found in JMU PageUp is completely separate from the MPA Program - all inquiries about these positions must be sent to the contact listed for each position.  JMU MPA students have been very successful at competing for these campus-wide GA positions. 


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