Through engaged teaching, research, and service, the MPA program equips current and future public service professionals with the capacity to address complex local and global problems.

Our Students

Discover the Vibrant Pathways of Our Graduates: 

A Kaleidoscope of Ambition: Our institution thrives on a vibrant mix of students who bring a spectrum of experiences to the table. Picture this: two-thirds of them are committed to their academic pursuits, while the rest artfully juggle coursework with impactful roles in local government or nonprofit organizations. 

A Tapestry of Diversity: In our upcoming 2023 Cohort, we're proud to report that more than 80% of our students represent one or more facets of diversity.  From veterans to women, international scholars to refugees, those with disabilities to first-generation students- our community reflects a rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives. 

Swift Success Stores: Imagine this - a remarkable 90% of students who joined our program five years ago successfully completed their journey within just two years.  That's a testament to the focused and supportive environment we provide. 

Prestigious Fellowships: Our graduates are the trailblazers of tomorrow.  They've earned prestigious fellowships like the coveted Presidential Management Fellowship and ICMA's Local Government Management Fellowship. 

Impact Across All Sectors: Our alumni are leaving their mark in every corner of governance. Last year alone, our graduates secured positions at every lever of government, while others chose to make thier difference in the nonprofit sector. 

Join our community of driven individuals and embark on a path that promises not just education, but a launchpad to success in the world of public service.  Your journey starts here! 

MPA Class of 2021-2023


employed in the field within six months

Employment 6 months after graduation:
 6% PhD
 6% Private
 6% Military
 12% International
 12% Nonprofit Sector
 12% Federal Government
 9% State Government
 25% Local Government
 12% Unknown


of MPA students reflect at least one diversity facet


of students graduated in 2 years


of students graduated in 4 years

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