Why an MPA? A Master's degree in Public Administration gives students the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to have a successful career working in the nonprofit and public service sectors. An MPA is different from an MBA because it gives students what they need to be successful in the public sector versus what they need to be successful in the private sector. A successful career as a public manager provides the opportunity to shape our communities and ensure that our quality of life remains high.

The program accommodates students on a full-time or part-time basis with fall and spring enrollments. Graduates pursue a wide range of career opportunities from the challenges of city management, to the personal fulfillment of nonprofit management, to successful careers in the federal government and more.

Apply to the JMU MPA ProgramToday’s complex environment demands managers with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to meet the fiscal challenges these careers demand. An MPA from James Madison University provides students with these skills.

Applying to the MPA Program

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Our program serves recent undergraduates and experienced public servants looking for:

  • Small classes and personal attention from professors
  • A core curriculum emphasizing administrative competency and practical skill development for public servants
  • Exciting internships and applied field experiences in a wide array of organizations
  • Current JMU undergraduates can also apply to the five-year degree program.

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