How long does it take for me to get my mail?

JMU Mail Services picks up mail from the Harrisonburg Post Office each morning. The mail is then sorted for delivery and delivered the same day it is received. We also pick up mail in the afternoon for delivery by the next day. Visit our web page for our table of how long mail takes according to a specific state or zip code within Virginia.

What is my mailing address on campus?

Mail should be sent with your name with your mailbox number. Please do not use nicknames or a parent's name or send mail to your box with anyone elses name. Notification of your mailbox number and combination can be obtained online at MyMadison.

Address your mail in the following manner:
Student Name
800 S Main St
JMU Box ####
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Why do students have to share boxes?

JMU Mail Services has about 6,500 boxes reserved for students living on campus. Many students move off campus and forget or don’t know to leave us a forwarding address; therefore, their box remains open. We have improved this process through the help of People Soft and MyMadison and are able to cleanse the occupancy list each semester.

How can I find a department's MSC or student's box number?

A list of MSCs can be found at
Due to new state legislation, a student’s mailbox number can only be retrieved by the student them self via MyMadison.
We can not give mailbox numbers or address information over the phone to anyone.

UPS won't ship to a P.O. Box. How should I send a package to my child?

We accept packages from UPS, FedEx, Airborne, etc. on a daily basis. Along with the student’s name and P.O. Box Number, you must use 800 South Main Street for the delivery address.

What's the best way to ship a package from JMU to another country?

UPS can be pretty expensive, especially for something other than documents, but is the fastest way. The final option is USPS mail. It can be sent AirMail, Priority or Express. All international packages must have a customs form except documents only. Our representatives at the service window can assist you with your specific needs.

Can JMU Mail Services do a Non-Profit mailing?

Yes, Mail Services has the capability to process Non-Profit mail and it can offer substantial savings over First Class. Contact Audrey Simmons at our Processing Center for details, 540.568.1706.

How can I get my mail forwarded to another address?

Go to MyMadison, click the Student tab, then Student Center link, scroll to bottom of page then click on JMU Address. To have your mail forwarded for the summer only, if you do not have a forwarding type address you will need to choose add an address, enter an address, click ok, then choose FORWARD, clic ok and save. If you have an old forwarding address you will just need to edit with correct address information. We will automatically discontinue forwarding mail before school starts in the fall. If you wish to close your JMU mailbox because you have graduated, withdrawn, or will be living off campus, edit your LOCAL address, and save.

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