With the new school year approaching, we know you are wondering about your mail and packages. Here is an overview of the most important points to getting your mail and packages here and processed seamlessly:
1. How do I address my mail and packages? This applies to Grace Street residents as well.

a. Your student’s NAME must be on the package. Please don’t use nicknames. Please don't send packages addressed in parent's name. We don't know parent's names (this actually happens a lot).
1. First Name Last Name
800 S. Main St.
JMU Box ____
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Mailbox numbers will be available on MyMadison. For incoming Freshmen, mailbox numbers will be assigned no earlier than August 7th, but within 2 weeks after. Returning students that had a mailbox last semester should keep the same mailbox number, but it is not guaranteed. If you are a returning student moving to/from Grace St., your mailbox number will change. Mail for students living at Grace St. will be sent to their mailbox at Grace Street. Packages will still be picked up at the Union. For security reasons, all mailbox combinations are changed every summer. Due to Virginia State legislation, student mailbox numbers can only be retrieved by the student them self via MyMadison. We cannot give mailbox numbers over the phone to anyone. Only students that live ON CAMPUS (including Grace St) can be assigned a mailbox here. Students living OFF CAMPUS will have their mail serviced directly through the Harrisonburg Post Office.

2. The beginning of the new semester is CRAZY busy and the lines will be long! We will have THOUSANDS of packages arriving daily. We are NOT the United States Postal Service. Your tracking indicating a package was delivered on a certain day DOES NOT mean delivered HERE. It goes to the Harrisonburg Post Office first. Often, we will not receive it until the next business day. PLEASE be patient if your package isn’t processed the same day it is received here. We are working as fast as we can.

3. Over-sized packages (bicycles, futons, carpeting, mini fridges, etc.) should be shipped as:
a. Address as: Central Warehouse
181 Patterson Street
James Madison University
MSC 7007
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Clearly mark the package with your name, campus mailbox number, residence hall name, room number and phone number. Please note that Warehouse hours for pickup are Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4pm. Call (540)568-6450 if you have questions.

4. If a package arrives at 800 S. Main Street that is too large for your student to carry, we offer delivery service to their dorm for $25.

5. Mail arrives here once a day. It is put in mailboxes immediately. Undeliverable mail will be delayed until the correct addressee can be identified. Normally, this is done the same day. At the beginning of a semester, this may take a few days as quantity is MUCH higher at this time.

6. You will only be notified of packages. Not mail. Packages are defined as anything that has a tracking number, mail too large to fit in the mailbox and mail marked “Do not bend”. For example, a certified letter will be considered a package even though it will fit in the mailbox because it has tracking on it. Anything that must be signed for is considered a package. We do have accommodation for packages that need to be refrigerated such as perishables and medicine as long as it is clearly marked as such. Check your mailbox AT LEAST once per week to avoid overfilling.

7. Processing packages. Once a package is scanned in, an email is automatically sent to your Duke’s JMU email address. Your student receives so much email from the University, that it may be easy to miss this email. If you are expecting a package and have not seen an email from us, check your SPAM filter or the “Other” folder in your JMU email account. They will often be found there. If you receive an email indicating your package has been delivered, MAKE SURE the email is from JMU Mail Service. You may also receive emails from the sender that your package was delivered, but that doesn’t mean it’s here yet. If you are unsure, bring your tracking number to the front window for assistance.

8. Picking up your package(s). Once you receive your package notice via email, wait at least 2 hours to come and pick up. The email is sent when it is scanned in. It has not finished processing yet. If you come immediately, your package WILL NOT BE READY for pickup. If you are expecting multiple packages, do not assume they all arrived at the same time. Packages do not arrive in any type of order. They may not even arrive via the same carrier. Carrying several large packages on your own may be tricky. Bring help. If you have to leave packages behind, return immediately to pick them up.

9. How to pick up packages. When you arrive at Mail Services, scan your JAC card using the black kiosk in the hallway (this notifies us that you are here and your package is brought up front). Follow instructions and move up to the front of the Service Windows. We will call out your MAILBOX NUMBER. If you are on your cell phone, or have headphones on/in and cannot hear your number being called to step forward, we will assume you are no longer there. Your package will be returned to storage and we will move on to the next customer. When you hear your mailbox number called, step up to the window that called your number, scan your JAC card again, receive your package.

10. Only YOU can pick up your package. You MUST have picture ID available. Preferably your JAC Card, but drivers license or electronic ID will work. If you do not have a picture ID, you WILL NOT receive your package. A friend or parent may pick up a package for you only if you email us beforehand at mailservice@jmu.edu with your name, mailbox number, and the name of the person picking up the package. NO EXCEPTIONS.

11. Opening your mailbox. Posters are located on the walls throughout the mailboxes with instructions on opening the boxes. If you still experience problems, come to the front window and one of us will help you. Mailboxes are not the same as school lockers. The combinations do not work exactly the same way. We also have a video with detailed instructions on opening the boxes on the front page of this site and our Facebook page.

12. Mailbox Combinations. Your combination will be found in your MyMadison account. If using a cell phone to access, you must use the Full Site option. Log in to your account. Click Student Center and scroll to Personal Information. At Local Address, you will see only James Madison University. Click edit. You will then be given the mailbox number. At the top of the page, there will be a blue link to View PO Box and Combination. Here, you can get the combination for your mailbox. Do not click edit again. Do not change anything on your Local Address. Doing so will close your mailbox. You are not able to reopen it yourself.

13. When checking mailbox for mail, open the door. Just peeking through the little window will not allow you to see mail laying flat on the bottom.

14. Our normal service windows are open Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm. Saturdays, 10am to 2pm. At the beginning of the semester, we may have extended hours. If so, they will be posted by the front door to Mail Services. We will also post on Mail Services Facebook Page.  Mailboxes are accessible as long as the building is open.

15. For your convenience, we sell stamps, envelopes and packaging materials. You can send mail and packages from Mail Services via USPS and UPS. We will accept outgoing FedEx packages only if they have a pre-printed, postage paid label attached.
When sending mail/packages, bring your item pre-packaged and addressed. This will make the transaction much quicker. If you need to pay for stamps or shipping, we accept Cash, Check and FLEX only.
We cannot accept Credit/Debit cards at this time.

You may always contact Mail Services with any questions via email at mailservice@jmu.edu or phone
540-568-6257. You can also check our Facebook Page or our page on the JMU website for any updates or changes to postal services.

You may authorize another person to pick up your mail/packages by emailing the Post Office at mailservice@jmu.edu from your Dukes address.  Give us your name, your mailbox number and the name of the person authorized to pick up your mail/packages. That person must have picture ID (theirs, not yours) to pick up.

JMU Mail Services picks up mail from the Harrisonburg Post Office each morning. The mail is then sorted for delivery and delivered the same day it is received. We also pick up mail in the afternoon for delivery by the next day. Visit our web page for our table of how long mail takes according to a specific state or zip code within Virginia.

Mail should be sent with your name and your mailbox number. Please do not use nicknames or a parent's name or send mail to your box with anyone elses name. Notification of your mailbox number and combination can be obtained online at MyMadison.
Addressing instructions apply to Grace Street Apartments as well.

Address your mail in the following manner:
Student Name
800 S Main St
JMU Box ####
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

A list of MSCs can be found at https://www.jmu.edu/mailservices/wm_library/alphamsc.htm
Due to Virginia State legislation, a student’s mailbox number can only be retrieved by the student them self via MyMadison.  We can not give mailbox numbers or address information over the phone to anyone.

We accept packages from UPS, FedEx, Airborne, etc. on a daily basis. Along with the student’s name and P.O. Box Number, you must use 800 South Main Street for the delivery address.
*See FAQ #4 - "What is my mailing address on campus?"

UPS can be pretty expensive, especially for something other than documents, but is the fastest way. Another option is USPS mail. It can be sent AirMail, Priority or Express. All international packages must have a customs form except envelopes containing only documents. Our representatives at the service window can assist you with your specific needs.

Yes, Mail Services has the capability to process Non-Profit mail and it can offer substantial savings over First Class. Contact Frances Nazelrod at our Processing Center for details, 540.568.1706.

Go to MyMadison, click the Student tab, then Student Center link, scroll to bottom of page then click on JMU Address. To have your mail forwarded for the summer only, if you do not have a forwarding type address you will need to choose add an address, enter an address, click ok, then choose FORWARD, click ok and save. If you have an old forwarding address you will just need to edit with correct address information. We will automatically discontinue forwarding mail before school starts in the fall. If you wish to close your JMU mailbox because you have graduated, withdrawn, or will be living off campus, edit your LOCAL address, and save.

JMU Mail Services will remain open as long as campus is open. Incoming mail and packages will be processed as usual. We do not return packages over break for students that live on campus and have a mailbox here. If mail or packages arrive for you during break, they will still be here when you return. If we are notified that you no longer have on-campus housing, your mailbox will be closed.  If you have not provided us with an off-campus local address, or a forwarding address, any packages remaining here will be returned to the sender.  If you need to come in for services, (sending or receiving mail or packages) check our hours of operation on Facebook or call with any questions.

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