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January 21, 2022


Jennifer Martineau, Ph.D. Leadership Research Roundtable

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February 17, 2022

Hartman Hall Forum

 SSLS Research Forum

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Mission and Vision Update

SSLS Alumna Dr. Lori Pyle ('13), Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator, facilitated a workshop with SSLS faculty and staff to update our mission and vision statements in May of this year. We are excited to share our updated statements with the SSLS Community, and would like to extend a special recognition and thanks to Dr. Pyle for her support and guidance through the process!

Updated Mission

The School of Strategic Leadership Studies develops leadership scholar practitioners through rigorous, quantitative-based, interdisciplinary study.


Exceptional, ethical, and evidence-based leadership across spheres of influence and knowledge.

There's still time to donate to SSLS in 2021!

Financial sustainability and ongoing support are essential to providing high-impact professional development experiences to our students. It costs...

  • $21,500 to fund one full-year assistantship stipend.
  • $3,693 to cover one 3-credit course at the out-of-state rate.
  • $1,500 to cover one 3 credit course at the in-state rate.
  • $250 to support gathering data for a dissertation proposal
  • $100 for student registration for a conference

In 2020, we were able to raise $9,254 for SSLS's student support initiatives. In our Spring 2021 newsletter, we shared our ambitious goal of doubling last year's totals in support of our DocDukes. To date, SSLS has raised $11,097 this year. We would be forever grateful if you could help us get closer to our goal of $18,000 by EOY. ANY contribution is enough to make a difference for our future change agents! Thank you for your support to make SSLS stronger!


Giving Tuesday 2021

Thanks to donor support, we were able to raise $1,095 on #GivingTuesday for our Open Access Publication Fund! This campaign allowed us to offset open access publication fees for Dr. Selznick’s latest article Developing appreciative attitudes toward Jews: A multi-campus investigation in the Journal of Higher Education (2021). The remaining 2021 Giving Tuesday funds will continue to support making future SSLS faculty scholarship open access to reach as many scholar-practitioners and organizational leaders as possible.

2021 Fundraising Overview

We are delighted to share that SSLS raised over $11,097 from 88 individual and household supporters during the 2021 calendar year! Your financial contributions directly support our mission of developing scholar-practitioners by providing summer research stipends, dissertation research incentives, and SSLS programming that advances the scholarly and professional development of our program participants.  SSLS faculty and students are grateful for your support in making high-impact opportunities possible to our future leaders!

2021 Donors:

Ms. Jami R. Adler

Ms. Julia E. Adler

Ms. Sophia M. Ali

Mrs. Helen E. Baptist

Mr. Philip Baroody & Ms. Frances A. Baroody

Mrs. Linda D. Battenfield

Mr. Scott M. Biddle & Mrs. Marcella Biddle, Esq.

Mr. Brian Biglin & Mrs. Julienne T. Biglin

Dr. Donovan D. Branche & Mr. Martin G. Branche

Mr. John D. Brefach & Mrs. Lisa C. Brefach

Mr. William C. Brown

Ms. Tiffany A. Brutus

Mr. William Burruss

Ms. Anne H. Buttz

Mr. William A. Christie & Mrs. Cheryl Christie

Dr. Sung il Chung

Mr. Kyle P. Cogan

Dr. Robert A. Cohen & Mrs. Kathleen T. Cohen

Ms. Jennifer Cooper

Dr. Geary A. Cox II

Dr. Guy B. deBrun & Ms. Karen M. deBrun

Dr. Samy S. El-Tawab

Mr. Philip G. Etre

Mr. Brandon R. Flickinger & Mrs. Marta C. Flickinger

Dr. Karen A. Ford & Mr. Rich A. Harris, III

Mr. John F. Ginnity Jr

Mr. L. Shane Gorman & Ms. Shannon R. Gorman

Ms. Jennifer J. Graham

Mr. Justin L. Hardy

Mr. Adam Harris

Ms. Carole K. Harris

Dr. Donald G. Harris & Mrs. Leslie S. Harris

Ms. Elizabeth Harris

Ms. Mary Harris

Dr. Kim Hartzler-Weakley & Mr. Richard J. Weakley

Mr. Drew R. Hunter & Mrs. Lori A. Hunter

Ms. Elizabeth M. Hunter

Mr. John M. Hvizdos & Ms. Theresa L. Hvizdos

Ms. Sevinj Iskandarova

Ms. Kathleen Q. Johnson

Mr. Ryan T. Kelly

Dr. Lindsay M. King & Mr. Garrett C. King

Ms. Kristi L. Shackelford & Dr. Michael J. Klein

Mr. Jim Krauss & Ms. Victoria A. Krauss

Dr. Stephen W. Lambert & Mrs. Jacqueline T. Lambert

Mr. Tommy S. Larson & Mrs. Daina M. Larson

Mr. Richard P. Liesegang & Ms. Christina T. Liesegang

Mr. Matthew S. Lovesky

Dr. Wendy Y. Lushbaugh

Ms. Maureen O. Malomba

Mr. Jalal H. Maqableh

Ms. Joanna Ruth Marsland

Mrs. Elissa G. Mast & Mr. Jacob C. Mast

Dr. Kevin M. Meaney

Ms. E. Scott Moore

Mr. Gregory Moore

Dr. Paul H. Morgan & Mrs. Shelia K. Morgan

Mr. Kennedy M. Musyoka

Ms. Elizabeth M. Narehood

Mr. Bradley C. Nix & Mrs. Katherine D. Nix

Ms. Mary M. Polk

Mr. Chad W. Pomeroy Jr. & Mrs. Lauryn B. Pomeroy

Mr. Bill Prendergast Jr. & Ms. Ella Prendergast

Dr. Lori K. Pyle

Mr. Victor M. Ramos & Mrs. Laura A. Ramirez-Ramos

Dr. Christopher J. Rehm & Mrs. Sasha Rehm

Mr. Douglas Reynolds

Ms. Brooke M. Rhodes

Mr. Christopher P. Rogers & Mrs. Lisa L. Rogers

Mr. Ahmed Salem

Dr. Ahmad A. Salman

Mr. Douglas C. Schilling

Mr. Bryan R. Schneider

Dr. Ben S. Selznick

Mr. Craig S. Shepherd

Dr. Margaret F. Sloan

Dr. Michael J. Speight & Mrs. Marilyn S. Speight

Dr. Jonathan P. Stewart

Mr. Hunter R. Swanson

Mr. Scott M. Swisher & Ms. Alison Swisher

Mr. Carl K. Tebell & Mrs. Nancy P. Tebell

Dr. David J. Urso & Ms. Carrie T. Urso

Dr. Adam J. Vanhove

Mr. David E. Via & Mrs. Ruth Via

Mr. Glenn R. Wayland & Mrs. Nancy S. Wayland

Mr. Peyton Woodard

Mr. Zachary P. Yoder

Mr. James C. York & Mrs. Diana L. York

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