Why the Ph.D. degree in Strategic Leadership Studies?
100 percent of strategic leadership phd alumni are employed

The Ph.D. degree in Strategic Leadership Studies will serve you well if you are seeking to advance your career in higher education, the nonprofit sector, or the corporate world. Program participants are instructed in the broader visionary perspectives necessary for effective leadership roles as well as practical applications grounded in sophisticated research skills. The program prepares adult learners to be effective leaders and organizational change agents through rigorous theoretical study and practical application coupled with experiential learning, and a strong emphasis on innovation and evidence-based decision making.


Program Outcomes

Strategic Leadership Studies Ph.D. Alumni Career Placement

strategic leadership alumni career placement 50% postsecondary administration 16% postsecondary faculty and research 16% nonprofit and public administration 11% k12 administration 7% corporate leadership and consulting
Based on alumni roles held as of July 1, 2021

Around 20% of our students receive promotions before graduating. Over 90% of our alumni hold leadership positions within their organizations or have achieved career advancement within months of completing the program. The Ph.D. degree in Strategic Leadership Studies program currently has 44 alumni working in higher education, nonprofit organizations, and the public school system. Learn more about our alumni, their research, and current roles on the alumni page

70 percent of strategic leadership phd alumni hold senior leadership or tenure track faculty positions

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