SSLS is delighted to welcome its first Advisory Committee members! The Committee consists of 14 members total, with 8 members coming from leadership roles in I/O consulting, nonprofit organizations, and higher education, 3 SSLS alumni and 3 current student members. The role of the Advisory Committee is to enrich the relationship between SSLS and various stakeholders in the professional community. The Advisory Committee will commence its first meeting in October of 2019.

Advisory Committee Members
Eddie Bitzer

Eddie Bitzer, Ph.D.


John Capps

John Capps, Ph.D.


Joanna Marsland

Joanna Ruth Marsland



Maureen Metcalf


Doug Reynolds

Doug Reynolds, Ph.D.


Drew Stelljes

Drew Stelljes, Ph.D.


Dave Urso

Dave Urso, Ph.D.


Dawn Wiese

Dawn Wiese, Ph.D.


Alumni Committee Members
Donovan Branche, Ph.D.

Donovan D. Branche, Ph.D. (2014)

Kevin Meaney

Kevin Meaney, Ph.D. (2015)


Lori Pyle

Lori Pyle, Ph.D. (2013)


Zach Yoder

Zachary Yoder, Ph.D.

Student Committee Members
Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen Johnson


Jim Krauss


Maureen Malomba

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