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Welcome to JMU!

As part of the larger JMU community, SSLS wants to make you aware of the services and opportunities available to you as a JMU student. This page serves as an informational resource to connect you to other departments on campus so that you can get the most out of your experience here at SSLS and navigate JMU with ease. 

Card Services

Student Success Center 2nd Floor, MSC 3532

Lakeview Hall is a swipe access building. If you have a class after 5pm, you will need to get your JACard for access to the building and the SSLS computer lab. Contact Brooke (rhodesbm@jmu.edu) to request Lakeview/SSLS swipe access. If you are a JMU employee, please indicate which JACard number you would prefer your Lakeview swipe access to be assigned.

Parking Services

280 Bluestone Drive, MSC 1301 (Champions Parking Deck)

For all things parking at JMU.

Lakeview Hall parking lot (L lot) is a blue/purple zone reserved for JMU faculty and staff from Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Vehicles with student parking permit stickers parked in the L Lot between 8a-4pm will be ticketed. Those having student parking permits may park in L Lot after 4pm. If you are on campus or have class before 4pm, the most convenient student parking lot is the R2 lot which is located across Port Republic Road.

University Business Office

Student Success Center Room 5100, MSC 3516

For tuition payment, information on current rates, and more.

JMU Libraries

JMU has two libraries on campus:

                Carrier Library

                880 Madison Drive, MSC 1704

                     Rose Library

                1251 Carrier Drive, MSC 4601

  •                 The School of Strategic Leadership Studies Subject Guide was created by our liaison librarian, Jeanne Klotz. The SSLS subject guide organizes relevant articles, databases, and other resources in one place for SSLS students.
  •                 Trips to the library can often be minimized by using resources on the library web page (http://www.lib.jmu.edu/).
  •                 To set up off campus access for online databases and other resources, please review the following page: http://www.lib.jmu.edu/connect/.
  •                 The online databases allow you to do literature searches for journal articles and other periodicals from any computer as long as your computer is set up correctly.
  •                 Interlibrary loan is a service offered by the library that helps you get access to other libraries’ holdings. The service is free and requests can be made over the web.

The Graduate School

                17 W. Grace, MSC 6702

                The Graduate School website has helpful information for current graduate students that will aid from matriculation to dissertation. Here are some web pages of high relevance to SSLS students:

  •                 Graduate School Forms
  •                 Dissertation Information
  •                 TGS Travel Grant
    •  The Graduate School awards a limited number of grants to support student travel to professional conferences. This is a competitive and selective grant based on merit. If you are accepted to present at a conference, notify SSLS of your acceptance, fill out the TGS Travel grant form and submit to Brooke (rhodesbm@jmu.edu) for collecting appropriate signatures. Brooke will follow up with you regarding additional paper work.

Computing at JMU

                Help Desk- assistance is available for technical computing issues. Call 568-3555


Student Employment

               JMU JobLink Search JMU JobLink for Assistantship and Student Employment Opportunities

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