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Congratulations on your acceptance to the School of Strategic Leadership Studies!

We are glad to have you in the program and look forward to working with you over the next few years. This web page is intended to supplement your Strategic Leadership New Student Checklist that you received with your acceptance letter from the School. Please review this page thoroughly, and be sure to complete the necessary processes so that you are prepared to begin your first year in the Program. 

SSLS New Student To-Dos
  1. Accept your offer of admission on the MyMadison Applicant Center
  2. Set up your e-mail address! Directions are available here
  3. Contact your advisor to plan the courses you will be taking your first semester in the program
  4. Register for classes on MyMadison!
  5. Attend SSLS New Student Orientation Scheduled for Monday August 20th 
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Student Handbook

Strategic Leadership Student Handbook

All incoming students are required to read the Strategic Leadership Student Handbook and abide by all policies therein. The Handbook outlines important policies and procedures of the School of Strategic Leadership Studies, as well as academic and professional expectations of doctoral students enrolled in the program. In addition to being a reference for policies and procedures, the handbook provides specific information on all program requirements which include course work, the externship, the comprehensive exam, and dissertation.

Enrolling in Program Prerequisites

Do you need to take a prerequisite course?

Many students are admitted to the program on a conditional basis becasue they need to take a prerequisite course to prepare them for the required courses in the SSLS curriculum. It is highly recommended that prerequisite courses are taken during the summer before matriculation. PSYC 210 or equivalent is a prerequisite to PSYC 605 and COB 241 or equivalent is a prerequisite to MBA 620. 

JMU Offerings:

  • Undergraduate Accounting: COB 241
  • Undergraduate Statistics: PSYC 210

In order to enroll in JMU prerequisites, you will need to apply through Continuing Education.

Virginia Community College (VCCS) Offerings:

  • Undergraduate Accounting: ACC 211
  • Undergraduate Statistics: PSY 213

Visit Virginia's Community Colleges course offerings web page for information on locations offering ACC 211 and PSY 213.

Other PSYC 210 Equivalent Courses:

Visit the JMU Department of Psychology Equivalent Summer Courses webpage for more PSYC 210 equivalent course offerings.  

PSYC 605 Intermediate Inferential Statistics 

Expected Statistics Competencies

PSYC 605 Intermediate Inferential Statistics is the first statistics course you will take in the program. In order to succeed in this course, you must already have knowledge of descriptive statistics, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation, simple linear regression, t-tests, and chi-square. These pre-requisite skills ensure that students will enter PSYC 605 with adequate preparation so that they can be successful.  To succeed in this course, you need to have a strong understanding of the following fundamental concepts and be able to easily answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics?
  • What is a standard deviation?
  • What is a standard error?
  • What is the relationship between a sampling distribution and a standard error?
  • How does one interpret a p value?
  • How does p value relate to null hypothesis significance testing?
  • What is the link between significance testing and effect sizes?
  • Describe the z and t distributions and their relationships.
  • What is the relationship between correlation and causation?
  • When does one compute a correlation?
  • What is the difference between a correlation coefficient and a regression coefficient?
  • What are Type I and Type II errors?

Statistics Bootcamp

All students planning to enroll in PSYC 605 should attend the Stats Refresher Bootcamp presented by the faculty of JMU's Assessment and Measurement Ph.D. program. For more information, download the Stats Refresher Bootcamp Flyer. For more information and to sign up for the course, contact  Dr. S. Jeanne Horst  (,  Beth A. Perkins ( or Dr. Brian C. Leventhal (


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