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Associate Professor, Sociology
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Dr. David Trouille is an Associate Professor of Sociology at JMU. He specializes in qualitative methods and his research examines issues pertaining to international migration, labor, community, and leisure. He is completing a new ethnographic project on H-2A agricultural guest workers in Virginia. This research reflects a growing concern with the need to better understand where our food comes from and who produces it and sheds important light on the social and political implications of temporary labor on both sides of the US-Mexico border.


Department of Sociology and Anthropology


"Shadowing: Warrants for intersituational variation in ethnography" (2016)

"Fencing a field: Imagined others in the unfolding of a neighborhood park conflict" (2014)

"Neighborhood outsiders, field insiders: Latino immigrant men and the control of public space" (2013)

"Association football to futbol: Ethnic succession and Chicago-area soccer, 1921-2006" (2009)

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