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Associate Professor of Sociology
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BA (Sociology), Dartmouth College
MST (Education), Fordham University
MA (Social Sciences), University of Chicago
PhD (Sociology), University of California, Los Angeles

  • The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • Microsociology
  • The Development of Sociological Thought and Method
  • The Sociology of Immigration
  • Urban Sociology
  • Ethnography

Urban sociology, international migration, work, sports, ethnography, race and ethnicity, Latino/a studies, inequality, alcohol and drug use, symbolic interaction


2016. "Shadowing: Warrants for intersituational variation in ethnography." Sociological Methods & Research. (with Iddo Tavory)

2014. "Fencing a field: Imagined others in the unfolding of a neighborhood park conflict." City & Community. 13(1): 69-87.

2013. "Neighborhood outsiders, field insiders: Latino immigrant men and the control of public space." Qualitative Sociology, 36(1): 1-22.

2009. "Association football to futbol: Ethnic succession and Chicago-area soccer, 1921-2006." Soccer & Society, 10(2): 795-822.

2008. "Association football to futbol: Ethnic succession and Chicago-area soccer, 1890-1920." Soccer & Society, 9(4): 455-76.

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