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The LAXC 299 internship course provides the student with the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom in a practical/real-world setting(s). It prepares students for working independently in the field.

The LAXC Social Media & Outreach Internship position entails three primary roles: 1) Create and promote content for existing LAXC social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and potentially develop new accounts, 2) Cultivate collaborative relationships with LAXC affinity groups (i.e. Latinx Student Alliance, Madison Hispanic Caucus, Scholars Latino Initiative, TORCH, community organizations, 3) Promote the LAXC minor through social media and visits to classes, student organization meetings, and events.

Any internship experience must be approved by the LAXC coordinator or adviser in advance, and details of supervision and evaluation should be spelled out in advance by the supervising faculty member. If the internship is through an academic unit, it must be approved for credit by the LAXC Coordinator or Adviser in advance of the experience. For more information, contact the LAXC coordinator or adviser.

Other potential internship opportunities include:

An ACCION internship provides you with the opportunity to learn about microenterprise development and office systems in a friendly, professional, multicultural environment. ACCION is based in Boston, but offers internships in Boston and Washington, DC, and our overseas offices.

El Museo del Barrio Internships
Each Spring, Summer, and Fall El Museo del Barrio offers Internship opportunities to promising undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, and recent graduates who are considering careers in the arts, education, non-profits and museum profession. Through administrative and project-based Internships, Interns have opportunities to research, conceptualize, coordinate, execute, and/or evaluate programs and initiatives. Questions? Email Mairelys Alberto, Manager of Youth and Opportunities Program at

Smithsonian Museum Internships

Amazon Watch Internships
Amazon Watch is a nonprofit advocacy organization with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC, supporting communities threatened by shortsighted natural resources exploitation projects in the Amazon Basin.

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), a major tax-exempt, nonprofit, and nonpartisan national research and information organization, has offered internships in Washington in the fields of U.S., Latin American, and Canadian relations. These internships provide practical, entry level experience regarding a variety of political, economic, diplomatic, and trade issues.

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