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Minor Advisor; Associate Professor, Anthropology
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Dr. Becca Howes-Mischel is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and the Advisor for the LAXC minor. She is currently researching the gendered contexts of human microbiome research, which involves interviewing scientists and birth workers and tracking academic and popular narratives about its import and applications. Dr. Howes-Mischel has experience researching in Oaxaca, Mexico, where she examined the broadly overlapping "stakes" of local, national, and global interest in indigenous women's reproductive lives public health spaces (rural clinics, activist seminars, and community education and health campaigns), returned a year later for seven months researching health-seeking and community-building in the Oaxacan diaspora in Southern California, and returned again in 2013 to interview activists and policymakers about how shifts in the global development agendas focused on maternal mortality reductions influences their local projects. 




"Humanizing Big Numbers: Representational Strategies in Industrial Films about Global Maternal Mortality" (2017)

"The 'Sound' of LIfe: Or How Should We Hear a Fetal 'Voice?" (2017)

"Stocking up on Fish Mox: a Systematic Analysis of Cultural Narratives about Self-medication in Online Forums" (2017)

"'With This You Can Meet Your Baby': Fetal Personhood and Audible Heartbeats in Oaxacan Public Health" (2016)

"Reproductive Justice, Stratified Reproduction, and the Importance of Ethnography in Improving Reproductive Health Outcomes" (2015)

"Local Contours of Reproductive Risk and Responsibility in Rural Oaxaca" (2012) 

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