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Associate Professor of Anthropology
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Ph.D. New York University
M.A. New York University
B.A. Swarthmore College


ANTH 195: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 265: Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Carribbean
ANTH 360: Medical Anthropology
ANTH 364: Anthropology of the US/Latin American Border
ANTH 376: Anthropology of Reproduction
ANTH 435: Ethnographic Genres and Methods


Currently I am researching the gendered contexts of human microbiome research, which involves interviewing scientists and birth workers and tracking academic and popular narratives about its import and applications.

I conducted research in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2005-2008 looking at the broadly overlapping "stakes" of local, national, and global interest in indigenous women's reproductive lives public health spaces (rual clinics, activist seminars, and community education and health campaigns); in 2009 I spent seven months researching health seeking and community-building in the Oaxacan dispora in Souther California. I returned to Oaxaca in 2013 to interview activists and policy makers about how shifts in the global development agendas focused on maternal mortality reductions influences their local projects.


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2015. "Reproductive Justice, Stratified Reproduction, and the Importance of Ethnography in Improving Reproductive Health Outcomes." Maternal Health Series: Disruptive Women in Health Care. http://www.disruptivewomen.net/2015/09/09/reproductive-and-the-importance-of-ethnography-in-improving-reproductive-health-outcomes/

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