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Associate Professor, English
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Dr. Allison Fagan is an Assistant Professor of English, where she teaches courses in contemporary Latina/o and African American literature. She researches and teaches about the challenges writers of color meet in the publishing industry. 




From the Edge: Chicana/o Border Literature and the Politics of Print (2016)

"Posthumous Editing" (2019)

"Living in Print: The Half-Dead Books of Three Posthumously Published Chicana/o Writers" (2017)

"Translating in the Margins: Attending to Glossaries in Latina/o Literature" (2016)

 “ ‘La vida es el honor y el recuerdo’: Oscar Zeta Acosta’s Paratextual Struggle for Survival” (2016

" 'Damaged Pieces': Embracing Border Textuality in Revisions of Ana Castillo's Sapogonia" (2012)

"Negotiating Language: Latino/a Glossaries, Translations, and Code-Switching" (2012)

"Looking Into a Speaking Mirror: Politics, Interpretation, and the English Translation of One Hundred Years of Solitude" (2008)

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