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Dr. Charles Blake is a professor of Political Science at JMU, executive director of EU Policy Studies MA program in the Political Science department, executive director of JMU's Semester in Florence program, and co-directs a 9-credit summer study-abroad program in Argentina alongside Kristen McCleary. His teaching interests focus on comparative politics (especially in Latin America & Europe), policy analysis, and research methods. Blake is a Senior Research Fellow at the Council of Hemispheric Affairs. His research focuses on examining socioeconomic policies in Latin America and Europe and the pursuit of greater transparency and accountability in public administration. His current research investigates the relationship between federalism and mechanisms of horizontal, societal, and vertical accountability.


Political Science

Executive Director of EU Policy Studies MA Program (Political Science)

Executive Director of JMU Semester in Florence Program

LAXC Studies Committee


Comparing PUblic Policies: Issues and Choices in Industrialized Countries

Politics in Latin America

Corruption and Politics in Latin America: Regional and National Dynamics (2010)

Corruption and Democracy in Latin America (2009)

"Erratum: 'The dynamics of political corruption: Re-examining the influence of democracy'" (2006)

"Reconsidering the effectiveness of international economic sanctions: An examination of selection bias" (2006)

"The dynamics of political corruption: Re-examining the influence of democracy" (2006)


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