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Winter 2020

MUS 498: Special Topics in Music: Introduction to Latin Jazz 

Andy Connell | January 11-15 (M through F) | 9:00AM-12:00PM

This course introduces students to select jazz cultures in Latin America, with a focus on Cuba, Brazil, and Latin jazz in the United States

Spring 2021

Core Courses

ANTH 265: Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean

Amy Paugh | T/Th 2:40-3:55PM | Online/Synchronous

Anthropological and historical perspectives on the cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean through such themes as colonialism, nationalism, ethnicity, development, aesthetic traditions, gender, religion and urban and rural resistance movements.

HIS 313: A History of Latinx America

Kristen McCleary | MWF 2:15-3:05PM | In-Person | Wilson Hall 1001

This class will examine the history and diversity of peoples of Latin American-descent [and dissect whatever that means] in the current-day geography of the U.S. It will explore the following topics: pre-Columbian Americas, the rise of the Spanish empire, immigration, Latinx diversity and identities, the porous, political, and imagined border, AOC and the political rise of Latinx-America, the contemporary cultural power of Latinx-America as exemplified by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda,  the original Fly Girl: J-Lo, Bad Bunny, and the most famous of Latinx EGOT-ers, Rita Moreno.

HUM 252: Latin America

William Van Norman | TBA | TBA | TBA

SPAN 308: Latin American Civilization

Tomás Regalado-López | MW 3:55-5:10PM | Online

A study of the geographical, historical, and cultural development of Latin American countries from pre-Hispanic civilizations to the present.
Pre-requisite: SPAN 300

Elective Courses

SPAN 395: Latin American Poetry

Tomás Regalado-López | MW 5:35-6:50PM | Online

A thorough review of Latin American poetry during the 20th century dealing with the most important authors and trends (Modernism, Avantgarde, Existentialism).
Pre-requisites: SPAN 300, SPAN 335

SPAN 404: Spanish in the United States

Jennifer Lang-Rigal | T/Th 2:40-3:55PM | Online

This course will study the present situation of Spanish in the United States, how Spanish has been shaped by social forces in the US and how Spanish, in turn, shapes these forces.  
Prerequisite: SPAN 320 or SPAN 321 or permission of the instructor.

SPAN 485: Business and Society in Latin America

Lucy Morris | T/Th 2:40-3:55PM | Online

This course explores the development of Latin American society in the business and economic contexts and investigates areas such as importation and exportation, the health and education systems, banking and financial institutions, agriculture, and the textile, fashion, wine, motion picture, music, and media industries. 
Prerequisite: SPAN 300

ANTH 395-0001: Andean Archeology

Di Hu | T/Th 9:40-10:55AM | Online

This class will be an overview of Andean Archaeology. The time period will be expansive, ranging from the arrival of the first settlers of the Andes to the mighty Inkas.

Electives by Course Directive

ENG 221H: Latinx Storytelling

Allison Fagan | MWF 9:15-10:05AM | Online; Synchronous/Asynchronous Combination

This course will take a thematic approach to literature by examining multiple literary texts that engage with a common course theme concerned with the human experience. This section’s theme is Latinx Storytelling, focusing on the political, historical, social, gender, geographic, and class experiences narrated by U.S. writers tracing their heritage to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

HON 300: 20th and 21st Century Leadership in Black, Afro-Latinx and Latinx Popular Culture

Fawn-Amber Montoya | T 5:30-8:00PM | Hybrid

Course will analyze the historical context of 20th and 21st popular culture from the perspective of race, class, gender, and sexual identity. Students will think critically about how Black, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx female musicians, actors, and artists have portrayed the female body. The course will consider the following:  How do history and current events impact popular culture? How do personal and political lines blur within the context of popular culture? What qualifies as leadership?

HUMN 201: Intro to Humanitarian Affairs

Daniel Beers | T/Th 11:00AM-12:15PM | In-Person | Mountain Hall G002

Includes case studies on humanitarian emergencies in Haiti, Venezuela and the U.S.-Mexico border.

JUST 301: Solutions to Global Poverty

Daniel Beets | T/Th 2:00-3:15PM | In-Person | Mountain Hall G002

Topical material relevant to the region, with several cases and examples drawn from Latin America and the Caribbean

POSC/WGSS 383-0001: Women and Politics in Comparative Perspective

Kristin Wylie | T/Th 2:40-3:55PM | Online/Synchronous

A study of the causes and consequences of women's political marginalization in the United States and abroad. The course takes an intersectional approach to examine socioeconomic and political dimensions of gender inequality, exploring how women have worked through social movements, electoral politics, and public policy initiatives to overcome obstacles to their political empowerment.

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