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Over half a billion people live in Latin America where a diverse mix of cultures has created a dynamic group of countries. JMU's interdisciplinary Minor in Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies (LAXC) helps students to acquire a deeper understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean. Don't pass up the opportunity to become more informed and involved.

Participants in the minor are encouraged to explore the possibility of studying in a Latin American country for a semester or summer session. In the past, students have participated in programs in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. All LAXC minors must attain proficiency in two years of university-level Spanish, Portuguese or French. In addition to the language requirement, the Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies minor consists of 18 approved credit hours. Across those 18 credits, students must select courses in at least three different disciplines.



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If you would like to declare a Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies minor, or if you have questions about the minor, please contact:

Dr. Allison E. Fagan, Coordinator
Keezell Hall 221, MSC 1801
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


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