Admission to the Exercise Science Program

In order to apply students MUST have completed, or currently be taking, the following courses: KIN 100, KIN 202, BIO 290, BIO 270, CHEM 131&L. Please note that there are no exceptions. Application should be made by the deadline (October 15 for Fall Semester, March 15 for Spring Semester) in the semester in which it is anticipated that the prerequisites will be completed. 100-120 students per academic year will obtain entrance to the program. The judgement will be based on performance in the pre-requisite courses. Other relevant experiences (work, research, etc.) will be considered in order to differentiate students after students have been rank-ordered according to grades. Students may re-apply once.

Repeat-Forgive grades are NOT counted in the application consideration. Therefore, if you did not do well in one of the prerequisite courses, it would NOT help your chances for admission to re-take the course.

Declaring Kinesiology as a Major

Incoming Students: As a new freshmen or transfer student. You will declare your major through the JMU One Book website when you sign up for orientation. This major becomes your official major on your academic record. 

Current Students: If you are a current student wishing to declare or change a major, you must complete a request through MyMadison. After you complete the request, you are required to meet with Paula McMahan, Kinesiology Undergraduate adviser, to complete the declaration process.

Visit to schedule an appointment. Students have two months after submitting the declaration request through MyMadison to meet with Ms. McMahan or the request will be denied. For additional assistance making this request, please view the Change/Declare a Major/Minor tutorial in MyMadison or on the tutorials website.

Transfer Student Information

Review the JMU Transfer Advising Website and complete your application to JMU.  After you are accepted and have paid a deposit to JMU, you will schedule a date for New Student/Transfer Orientation. Attend this Orientation in December for spring transfers, and June for fall transfers. Once your first semester as JMU begins, please meet with Paula McMahan, Kinesiology Undergraduate adviser, to discuss your course of study.