Exercise Science practicum/internship experiences may vary from 3 to 12 credit hours. Such experiences offer the student the opportunity to apply theory and methodology under qualified supervision from the cooperating agency and the University.

A practicum/internship on the undergraduate level is required of all students in the Exercise Science program, and the courses are listed under the titles of KIN 381: Practicum and KIN 481:Internship. All students work under the supervision of a university and agency supervisor for the semester in which the student is enrolled for practicum/internship credit. In order to receive credit for the practicum experience, students must be engaged in a minimum of 6 hours per week. The internship is meant to be a capstone experience where students are engaged in a minimum of 11 hours each week. Additional hourly assignments may be required depending upon the type of experience undertaken. Assigned supervisors from both the agency and the University will share supervision of the student jointly.

Financial compensation to the student during the practicum/internship experience is not required and is typically limited to living expenses. The agency, university supervisor, and the university coordinator must approve any additional compensation to the student.

Course credit is to be granted for unique learning experiences in the work place; therefore, students may not receive credit for work being done at an agency where he/she is presently employed. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the university coordinator prior to receiving credit, and must include experiences additional to those for which the student has been compensated.

Academic evaluation of the student during the practicum/internship experience is based upon the following: evaluations by the field supervisor, evaluation by the university supervisor, and various additional academic assignments that are explained via that semester’s course syllabus and course Canvas site.

To learn more about the practicum and/or internship in Exercise Science, contact:
ES Fieldwork Coordinator
Jana Walters
Godwin Hall Room 324

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