The Exercise Science curriculum includes a strong background across relevant science fields (including biology, chemistry, and physics) along with advanced courses that span a wide range of courses relating to the study of physical activity, exercise, and sport.  Students who complete this program are well prepared to enter directly into the workforce or continue to graduate studies in a wide range of kinesiology and health related fields.

Following full admission to the exercise science program, students typically require 4 semesters to complete their coursework. 

Please see the Admission to the Program page for more information on applying to the program. 

Students who wish to discuss their individual circumstances should speak with their academic advisor or email the department to set up a meeting (

Exercise Science Concentration Requirements

When Are Classes Offered?

Core courses are typically offered during both fall and spring semesters.  Additionally, most core courses can also be taken over the summer, although these offerings are not guaranteed.

Elective courses, however, are typically only offered during the fall or spring semester and may not be offered every academic year.  The information below is provided to aid students in planning, however the schedule on which electives are offered may change. 

When are classes offered



KIN 305 Psychological Foundations of Kinesiology


KIN 325 Kinesiology Honors Research Prep


KIN 329 Social Aspects of Sport


KIN 422 Advanced Principles of Group Exercise Leadership


KIN 425 Concepts of Strength and Conditioning:

Fall, Spring, Summer-in person

KIN 428 Advanced Topics in Exercise Science and Leadership


KIN 429 Specials Topics in Adapted Physical Education


KIN 430 Exercise Across the Lifespan

Summer (online)

KIN 431 Environmental Exercise Physiology


KIN 432 Physiology of Endurance Performance


KIN 433 Exercise, Cardiovascular Disease and ECG Assessment


KIN 440 Exercise Immunology


KIN 490 Special Studies in Kinesiology and Recreation




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