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Future Courses, Partners & Outcome

JMU X-Labs partners with Colleges and centers across JMU to provide transdisciplinary classes for students and faculty that meet the following outcomes: 

  • Marketable Curriculum
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Internship Opportunites
  • Course Content for Colleges
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Research and Entrepreneurship
    • Industry partners, industry research, starts-ups & philanthropists

JMU faculty are invited to work across colleges to design and develop courses with the X-Labs. We can provide space to explore cross-disciplinary research and entrepreneurial initiatives and increase opportunities for further development. 

Spring 2024 Courses
Hacking for the Environment


Rob Alexander, Public Administration, CAL
Patrice Ludwig, Biology, CSM
Anti-Money Laundering


Drew Danzell, Intelligence Analysis, CISE
Linda Thomas, Graduate School
Applied Topics in Augmented and Virtual Reality


Grover Saunders, Immersive & Digital Projects Specialist, Administrative Faculty, Libraries
Patrice Ludwig, Assistant Director, X-Labs, Research, Economic Development, and Innovation
X-Labs Abroad at Home: An International Initiative

More Information coming soon


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