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Through JMU it is possible to study abroad in Italy in six different cities. In Florence, you can spend a Semester or study for a Master of Arts in Political Science - European Union Policy Studies Concentration.

With the following short term programs, you can spend at list two weeks in: Urbino, Perugia, Rome, Salerno, and Reggio Calabria. However, only in Reggio Calabria and Florence students can take language courses at all levels and upper level courses towards the major/minor.

Students interested in studying in Italy on their own may find useful information on how to obtain a student Visa here.

Reggio Calabria (Foreign Languages)

Contact Dr. Giuliana Fazzion: 

 reggio calabria

Florence, Semester Abroad


Urbino (SMAD)

"Documenting a Community"


Perugia (Psychology)

Cross-Cultural Psychology


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