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Workers’ Compensation/Return to Work JMU Policy 1312

Report all job-related injuries and illnesses, no matter how minor, to your supervisor or to a Benefits Specialist,, 540-568-3593 within 24 hours, or as soon as possible. The injury should be reported by completing the online Accident/Incident Report. Employees choose a treating physician from JMU’s Panel of Physicians to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for approved claims.

In emergency situations, employees may seek treatment at Sentara RMH Emergency Room. A physician from JMU’s Panel of Physicians must still be selected to provide follow-up care.

Time Away From Work due to Workplace Illness/Injury

  • Time missed from work must be ordered by the chosen panel physician in order to be approved under Workers’ Compensation.
  • There is no change to an employee’s regular pay if leave is available.
  • The first seven calendar days are a waiting period and are submitted through the leave system in MyMadison. On the eighth day, Workers’ Compensation will begin to reimburse the university on approved claims.
  • After 21 calendar days, the first seven days of leave will be reimbursed as described by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.

Workers’ Compensation/Transitional Duty

When possible, JMU will provide altered or transitional duty when prescribed by a Panel Physician. Transitional Duty Plans are evaluated on an individual basis, and revisited periodically to confirm effectiveness.

The Claim Form, Panel of Physicians, FAQ’s and additional information can be found on HR’s Workers' Compensation website.



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