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Calling all travelers, photographers, and camera-phone amateurs!

This year's theme: Global Citizenship: Advocacy at Home and Abroad

The idea of global citizenship builds on the knowledge we gain through international education, which helps us understand different worldviews, approaches to living, and problem-solving, whether we learn these truths at home or abroad. Global citizenship compels us to transcend singular identities and nationalities and to recognize that rights and responsibilities belong to all of humanity, regardless of location, race, gender, political borders or politics itself.

As we move forward into this new decade, it is critical that each of us continue to develop our own sense of what it means to be a global citizen and an advocate for others. Global citizenship is not merely being connected technologically or economically: now more than ever, being a Global Citizen requires us to think critically, engage civically, and care deeply for the fates of people we may never meet and the planet that we share with them.

What is your visual slant on being a global citizen in 2020?

 All members of the JMU Community are encouraged to submit their best photos to exemplify this year’s theme. Traditionally, photos are submitted to categories such as Nature, Architecture, People, and Local is Global. This year, however, since many of us have spent less time travelling and more time at home, we also encourage you to submit photographs portraying poignant moments or experiences that 2020 has brought into your life - scenes of change or decision making, of frustration or calmness, of light and laughter.

Visit the photo contest website to submit your photograph(s) and/or vote for your favorite images!

Submission Deadline: Friday, November 30, 2020 at 11:59PM EST.

Winners: The Top 5 most "liked" photos will be printed and framed for the photographers. A panelist of judges are available to assist with any tie-breaker scenarios. 

*If you are submitting any content with minors/children, please be sure to have consent from the organization through which they are affiliated.


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