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JMU DEI Resources
CGE Information

Global Campus Toolkit provides information about JMU’s international student population, country educational and culture information, teaching to enhance learning across cultures, and tips for communicating with English Language Learners (ELL).

Global Initiatives Grants supports global engagement of JMU faculty and staff.

South Asia Collaborative includes JMU faculty and administrators dedicated to raising awareness of South Asian scholarship, culture, and engagement opportunities for the JMU community.

Short-term Study Abroad Program Director are global engagement opportunities for faculty to design and lead a study abroad program. Note that applications are due a year prior to the term desired to lead a program.

Faculty Member in Residence program provides an opportunity to serve as a Faculty Member in Residence in Antwerp, Florence, London, or Salamanca.

Teaching General Education in Scotland is global engagement opportunity to teach a Cluster 4 or Cluster 5 course in St. Andrews or Edinburgh, Scotland.

Global Virtual Exchange provides opportunities to build intercultural competencies by engaging in technology-enabled, facilitated, people-to-people learning sustained over a period of time.

AAC&U Global Learning offers resources for  faculty to address diversity, global engagement, and social responsibility to help students and campus engage the social, civic, and economic challenges of a diverse and unequal world. Faculty may find particularly helpful Global Learning and Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubrics.

INU Shadow Program aims to strengthen the links between INU member institutions by providing opportunities to administrative staff to visit, study, discuss, and benchmark administration and governance systems across the network. Through the visits, both the sending and the hosting universities benefit from sharing best practices. 

CGE Events

International Student Leadership Conference is an annual conference hosted by CGE’s ISSS team which gathers international and globally-minded students from around the U.S. to network and enhance their leadership skills through keynote lectures, hands-on activities, and content sessions.

International Week is a week-long celebration of global engagement on JMU’s campus and in the surrounding communities.

External Organization DEI Resources

NAFSA, Association of International Educators, provides a list of resources for supporting diversity and inclusion in education abroad.

DiversityAbroad is the leading professional consortium dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusive best practices in global education and includes culture and diversity destination guides. By clicking on a specific country, you can read about the current climate as it relates to race, sexual orientation, disability, and other topical areas.

Institute for Study Abroad | "Unpacked: A Study Abroad Guide for Students like Me" articles and commentary, mainly from a student perspective, about studying abroad and issues of diversity, including faith communities,  first generation, LGBTQ+, racial and ethnicity, and students with special needs.

The Center for Global Education | Resources to Support Underrepresented Students include links to organizations, scholarship opportunities, and other information targeted to students who identify as part of an underrepresented group.

The Center for Global Education | Supporting Diversity in Study Abroad contains useful information in promoting study abroad participation among underrepresented students.


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