Director of Study Abroad
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Katie Sensabaugh began working at the Center for Global Engagement in August of 2018 as the Assistant Director of Study Abroad. She previously worked at the Office for Student Accountability and Restorative Practices within the Restorative Practices unit working to build relationships and repair harm between students. In her new role, she provides administration and oversight of all aspects of the study abroad programs; works with the Study Abroad leadership team on student recruitment, enrollment, and preparation; and is responsible for various procedures and logistics related to study abroad programming.

In addition to her current role as Director, Katie leads study abroad programs in South Africa, teaches within the Justice Studies Department at JMU, and has served as Director of the Harrisonburg International Festival. Prior to coming to JMU, Katie received her Masters at the University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa in International Justice and Transformation and received her undergraduate degree from JMU in Political Science and Justice Studies.

Katie is passionate about international education and loves seeing the positive impact that studying abroad has on students. She loves to see students return from study abroad opportunities with new experiences, insights, broadened horizons, and new friends – and hopes that studying abroad while at JMU is just the beginning of their international travels.

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