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Cheryl Helmuth Logan joined the Center for Global Engagement in August of 2022 as the International Student Advisor.  She looks forward to making connections with students, faculty and staff at JMU.  Stop by my office and say, “hi.”

Cheryl enjoys working in the field of higher education, as well as being a student!  She earned her BA in Social Work at Eastern Mennonite University, a MA in Sociology at George Mason University and a Post-Masters Certificate in College Student Personnel Services at James Madison University.  Her never ending love of learning has enabled this trailbazer to develop an appreciation for travel, meeting new people and leaning in to hear the stories of her students.  She enjoys building bridges with students to new opportunities and helping them to develop interpersonal, intercultural and career competencies.  

She has a unique lens of viewing society both from the macro and micro level.  As a first generation student, she grew up in a German speaking family and developed an ability to recognize the nuance of culture in her varied communities.  Although living life in multiple spheres can leave one feeling a bit disconnected, she is delighted to find a new family at CGE that understands and embraces diversity and nurtures shared values of global learning, equity, innovation, advocacy, sustainability, collaboration, open-mindedness and compassion.

Outside of work, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her family, genealogy research, restoring her historic home (1879), gardening, running and reading. She also volunteers with the Rockingham Ballet Theatre. There are far too many things of interest and life’s too short (and precious) to not make every minute count.  Needless to say, you’ll never find her without a project up her sleeve.

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