Effective March 2020, current students who need to appeal 000 transfer credit should use the transfer credit re-evaluation form.

Transfer Credit Re-evaluation Form Guidelines
All re - evaluation requests must be accompanied by a course syllabus
• Re-evaluation requests should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in person on the 5th floor of the Student Success Center or via the postal or email address (transfer_credit@jmu.edu).
Do submit this form if:
• Your course is listed in the tranfer equivalency guide as equivalent to a OOO elective course. 
Do NOT submit this form if:
• Your course is currently listed in the guide as something other than a OOO elective and you have received credit for it (please see your advisor to request a Course Directive/Waiver).
•You are a current JMU student seeking approval to complete a course outside of JMU (see the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Approval Form)


To obtain the Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation Form, click here.




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