This year, the General Education Council seeks to recognize faculty who successfully transitioned their courses in creative, impactful, and meaningful ways with The General Education Graceful Pivot Awards. Faculty teaching a General Education course in spring semester 2020.


Graceful Pivot Award Recipients - Spring 2020




Dr. Daniel Blumling

CHEM 131:  General Chemistry

Dr. Mary Gayne

HIST 150: Critical Issues in Recent Global History

Ms. Cathy Hessick

BUS 160: Business Decisions Making in Modern Society

Dr. TJ Hynd

BIO 270:  Human Physiology

Dr. Oscar Judd

CHEM 131L:  General Chemistry w/ lab

Dr. Morgan Smalls

SMAD 150: Mediated Communication:  Issues and Skills


 Graceful Pivot Award Recipients - Fall 2020




Dr. Yamilette Chacon

SOCI 110:  Social Issues in a Global Content

Ms. Danielle DeRise

  • WRTC 103:  Rhetorical Reading and Writing

  • HUM 200:  Great Works

Dr. David Daniel

PSYC 101:  General Psychology

Dr. Allison Fagan

ENG 248:  Survey of American Literature II:  1865 - present

Dr. Celestine  Woodruff

MATH 235:  Calculus I

CHEM 131 Team:
Dr. Blumling
Dr. Hughey
Dr. Reisner
Dr. Sumner
Dr. Warnaar
Dr. Zhang

CHEM 131:  General Chemistry


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