The following courses are experimental - they are not yet listed in the JMU Catolog, nor on the General Education Planner, but they are available for enrollment in MyMadison and will satisfy General Education program requirements. These courses are listed below by the area and requirement that each will satisfy:

Madison Foundations

  • EDUC 102E: Critical Questions in Education (satisfies Critical Thinking requirement - C1CT)

Arts and Humanities

  • ARTH 204E: Art, Power and Society (satisfies Visual and Performing Arts requirement - C2VPA)

American and Global Perspectives

  • HM 298*/HM 225E Tourism in a Global Context (satisfies Global Experience requirement - C4GE)
    *ONLY sections of HM 298 marked as Tourism in a Global Context will satisfy this requirement

Sociocultural and Wellness Area

  • EDUC 175E: Learning, Behavior and Engagement in Context (satisfies Sociocultural Domain requirement - C5SD)

These courses can be found in MyMadison by searching separately for the subjects and course numbers listed above, or by using the following steps:

1. Under "Search for Classes," scroll down to the “Additional Search Criteria” link, and click the arrow next to it to expand this section.

2. Next to the "Course Attribute" field, select the arrow for the dropdown menu and choose "General Education," then choose the Course Attribute Value that matches the General Education requirement you need to fulfill. When using this method to search, you will be able to see all the courses in a given semester that will satisfy specific program requirements, including experimental courses.

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