The C&I process for the GenEd program mirrors the one used by other academic units. Each cluster committee provides the academic unit level review for a proposal, while the GEC serves as the college-level reviewing body. However, given the unique scale and scope of the program, it is best to begin any C&I action by having a preliminary conversation with either the program’s C&I chair or the appropriate cluster coordinator. Some actions may also require the approval of the Committee on Academic Programs or the Board of Visitors.

Examples of C&I actions that require Gen Ed approval include:

  • Adding or deleting a course from the program

  • Adding or deleting a course in the program from a new or existing major or minor

  • Making a program course a prerequisite for a course offered by any other program

  • Adding or deleting a requirement to the program, such as a competency test

  • Changing the structure of the program by creating a new track or a new cluster

  • Adding, deleting, or modifying the learning outcomes associated with an area of the program

The General Education Council approved a new C&I handbook and a new curriculum action form in March 2010. These documents replace all earlier versions of the handbook and its related forms. In some cases, the new procedures differ significantly from previous ones. The 2010 changes were intended to make the General Education program’s curriculum workflow intersect with the university’s online curriculum system (

Faculty who are creating short-term study abroad programs and think they might like to develop an overseas version of an existing Gen Ed course must secure an “endorsement” from the appropriate cluster committee. Faculty should consult with the cluster coordinator in advance and complete the Study Abroad Approval Form. This process is intended to foster study abroad opportunities for faculty and students, while ensuring that courses overseas align with learning outcomes on main campus.

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