Consider becoming a Gandhi volunteer or Intern!

Service with the Gandhi Center spans a diverse variety of activities that serve multiple of local and global community need and work towards the Center's mission.

Volunteers and Interns can join with existing programs or can design their own project or program. Many volunteers and interns collaborate on projects and programs.

We encourage like-minded students to get involved!

To learn more about Gandhi volunteer and intern work, read more about these Gandhi Center programs:

  • Gandhi Summer Peace Camp:

    This program is a volunteer-run camp held in August of each summer. The camp emphasizes the values of nonviolence, nonviolent conflict resolution, social responsibility, shared human experience, and the planet's natural environment to children ages 6-13 through a variety of exciting activities. To volunteer, please complete the 2015 Volunteer Application Form.

  • Drawing for Peace:
    Through this program, children of elementary school age from all over the world express their concept of peace through the medium of art. The Gandhi Center receives submissions from across the United States as well as from China, Hungary, Russia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, to name some contestants from the last contest held in 2014.

  • Refugee Resettlement Program:
    Gandhi volunteerns and interns work with Harrisonburg's refugee community and the Church World Service of Harrisonburg. Some services volunteers and interns provide include holding forums in which members of the community can discuss problems facing their community such as assimilation, employment discrimination, and domestic violence. The Center also organizes half-day peace camps with the help of the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Boys and Girls Club for children while these forums are being held. Other activities organized include community soccer games.

  • Prison Reform:
    This new and developing program aims to explore alternatives to the building of a new jail in Harrisonburg/Rockingham county through paths such as education. Reflective of rising incarceration rates in Harrisonburg and throughout the country, Gandhi volunteers and interns play an active role in opposing the continuation of this negative trend. Volunteers and Interns conduct prison watch, in which they attend criminal trials and judge whether they are being conducted fairly. In this way, volunteers and interns are able to act as a third party voice and channel through which members of the JMU and Harrisonburg community can witness the proceedings of justice in the community.

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