Dialogues on Nonviolence and Peace


April 12, 2006


First Global Nonviolence Student Conference

Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence

James Madison University

Taylor Hall 306



Conference Schedule


9:00 a.m.       OPENING REMARKS

                        Dr. Sushil Mittal, Mahatma Gandhi Center


9:10 a.m.       KEYNOTE:

                        "Consider Nonviolence: Seeing the Familiar as Strange and the

                        Strange as Familiar"

                        Dr. William J. Hawk, Philosophy and Religion


10:00 a.m.     "Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Practice of Nonviolence"

                        Mr. Timothy C. Hartin, History and Religion

                        Moderator: Dr. Iain Maclean, Philosophy and Religion


10:30 a.m.     "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Promoting Nonviolence, Peace, and


                        Ms. Kathryn L. O'Grady, Religion

                        Moderator: Dr. Sallie B. King, Philosophy and Religion


11:00 a.m.     "Fostering a Politics of Global Nonviolence"

                        Mr. Christopher M. Gray, History

                        Moderator: Mr. Andrew D. Barnes, Communication Studies


11:30 a.m.     "Why Are Women Nonviolent in Social Activism?"

                        Ms. Kaylea R. Algire, International Affairs and Spanish

                        Moderator: Dr. Sarah O'Connor, Writing


12:00              Lunch Break


1:00 p.m.       KEYNOTE:

                        "Balancing the Security Toolkit"

                        Dr. Lisa Schirch, Eastern Mennonite University


2:00 p.m.       "The Violence of Universal Rights: Beyond Rights Discourse on the


                        Mr. Benjamin G. Merriman, Sociology

                        Moderator: Dr. Scott Vollum, Justice Studies


2:30 p.m.       "The Power of Framing: Identity, Role, and Place"

                        Mr. Kunal S. Yadav, Political Science and Communication Studies

                        Moderator: Dr. Rozanne Leppington, Communication Studies


3:00 p.m.       "The War Against Spiritual Violence: The Use of Nonviolence by

                        Christian Gay Activists"

                        Ms. Laura L. Thornton, English and Philosophy

                        Moderator: Dr. Stephen Poulson, Sociology


3:30 p.m.       "Contemplation as Engaged Faith"

                        Mr. Caleb W. Robinson, Philosophy

                        Moderator: Dr. Daniel E. Flage, Philosophy and Religion


4:00 p.m.       "Islamic Jurisprudence on Peace and Nonviolence"

                        Mr. Samier A. Mansur, International Affairs

                        Moderator: Dr. Ehsan Ahmed, Economics


4:30 p.m.       "Symptomatic Bodies: Alain Badiou on Violence and Contemporary

                        Artistic Conditions"

                        Mr. Daniel C. McDow, Philosophy

                        Moderator: Dr. Maureen G. Shanahan, Honors Program


5:00 p.m.       "A Provocation to Dialogue: The Fable as a Force of Social Critique

                        and Change"

                        Ms. Erin N. Jaworski, Religion and English

                        Moderator: Dr. Richard L. Lippke, Philosophy and Religion


5:30 - 6:00     CLOSING REMARKS

                        Dr. Iain Maclean, Philosophy and Religion


Admission to the conference is free and open to the public.


Support for the conference is provided in part by College of Arts and Letters, Cross Disciplinary Studies, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Office of International Programs, and Dining Services.

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