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Thursday, September 7
2:30 PM (In Person) 

Responding and Adapting to AI


Wednesday, September 20 
9:00 AM (Zoom) 

Curriculum Update, including General Education


Wednesday, October 4
9:00 AM (Zoom) 

Faculty Workload as an R2

Thursday, October 12 
2:30 PM (Zoom) 

Online Learning AUH

Meeting Notes

2+2 Program (PDF) 

Instructional Design and Educational Technology Services

Online Teaching and Learning Committees 

Wednesday, November 1
9:00 AM (In Person) 

Academic Freedom and Online Intimidation

Thursday, December 7
2:30 PM (Zoom) 

Strategies for Improving the Registration Process

Wednesday, January 17
9:00 AM (Zoom) 

Data-Informed Decision-Making

Thursday, February 8
2:30 PM (In Person) 

AUH Discussion: Hiring Experiences

Thursday, March 7
2:30 PM (In Person) 

Helping Faculty with Work-Life Balance

Wednesday, April 3
9:00 AM (Zoom) 

HR Processes 

Wednesday, May 1
9:00 AM (Zoom) 


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