Stage One:

The APR Internal Self-Study committee develops an outline of the specific areas for review and the key questions for the external team. The outline is then reviewed by AUHs, deans and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum.

Stage Two:

Once the outline is approved, the APR Internal Self-Study committee then develops a written Internal Self-Study Report at the program level. The development of this report should involve program faculty as well as support staff. The Internal Self-Study Report should be submitted to the dean for review and approval and then forwarded by the AUH to the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum.

Stage Three:

The completed self-study is reviewed by representatives chosen by the Vice Provost for  Faculty and Curriculum. After reviewing the Internal Self-Study Report, these representatives approve the final version of the specific areas and critical questions to be addressed, and the makeup of the external consultants.

Stage Four:

The external consultants review the documents provided by the university, conduct an external review/site visit and, within two weeks of the external review/site visit, submit a written External Report (ER) to the Office of the Provost.

Stage Five:

Within four weeks of receiving the ER, the academic unit head and program faculty develop an action plan (External Report Response (ERR)) using the results of the APR. The plan is submitted to the dean for review and input. When approved, it is submitted to the Provost.

Stage Six:

After receiving an acknowledgement that the report has been sent to the provost’s office, the AUH must revise the APR objective in the JMU STAR Tool to reflect these changes. Results of the actions must be included in the program’s annual report. Stage Six is an ongoing process, and the results should continue to be included in the annual report until recommendations have been addressed or other decisions have been made in regard to the recommendations.

Stage Seven: 

An Interim Report must be submitted with on-going follow-up about four years leading up to the next regularly scheduled APR. The interim date may be adjusted for APR schedule balance. 

Questions about APR?

If you have questions about the APR process, contact Kathryn Brown

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