James Madison University

Fall 2021 Spring 2022
(August 8, 2021 ‑ May 14, 2022)

Pre-select event requests occur February 8-19, 2021
Select event requests occur March 16-26, 2021
Routine event requests begin April 12, 2021
Unrestricted requests begin May 10, 2021

Summer 2022
(May 15, 2022 ‑ August 6, 2022)

Pre-select event requests begin May 9, 2021
All other requests begin May 25, 2021


  • Annual Events related to the academic calendar (Commencement, Homecoming)
  • Large scale/complex University programs (Choices)
  • Unique operational requirements where there is only one facility solution (UPB movies)


  • Must meet the requirements for a SELECT event
  • Event occurs on the same date/time each year (adjusted to the same day of the week in the new calendar year) in the same facility


  • Events that meet one or more of the following criteria, but are not recurring events:

attendance of 150 or more people
a full service meal for 75 or more people
require 3 or more spaces in the same facility at the same time

  • Events that support the designated mission of a facility (i.e. athletics in athletic facilities)
  • Events that require a specific date dictated by the University academic calendar or a National, State or religious holiday/observance
  • Events that are critical to the overall University mission
  • Requests take on a first come-first serve basis


  • Events supporting the day to day work of the University (i.e. staff meetings, student organization meetings, committee meetings, planning sessions, etc)
  • Requests taken on a first come-first serve basis


  • Open to the public within guidelines for use, in addition to University requests

    “General Use” Classroom requests begin September 7, 2021 for fall semester. Requests begin on January 25, 2022 for spring semester.

    Pre-select events unable to be scheduled due to direct conflict with a Major event will be permitted to schedule a new date, provided the new date does not conflict with another Pre-select event.

    Designation of an event into a category is the role of the scheduler.

    This timeline is based on the 2021-22 Academic Calendar.

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