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JMU's vision is to be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and with the world.

Engagement at JMU is...

JMU understands engagement as consisting of three facets - Engaged Learning, Community Engagement and Civic Engagement. We define them below to provide some structure and clarity for the members of our community. We recognize that there is plenty of overlap between the three. We also realize that not all engagement-related work fits neatly into one of the categories. While we know that the definitions are necessary, we focus our understanding of the concept by emphasizing community and individual relationships as the center of our uniqueness as an engaged university. Faculty-student relationships, relationships with the local and global community and partnerships that foster deep and purposeful learning are the focus of our vision.

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Engaged Learning
Jesmine Torres-Roberts and Curtis Kapsak in the DNA sequencer lab.

JMU defines engaged learning as developing deep, purposeful and reflective learning, through classroom, campus, and community experiences in the pursuit, creation, application and dissemination of knowledge.

Engaged Community

Fostering mutually beneficial and reciprocal partnerships, ranging from local to global, that connect learning to practice, address critical societal problems and improve quality of life.

Civic Engagement
Madison Vision Series Class Visit John Bridgeland

Advancing the legacy of James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, by preparing individuals to be active and responsible participants in a representative democracy dedicated to the common good.

Engagement Vision Markers

How will we know when we’ve become “the national model for the engaged university?” What measures will we use to track progress? The purpose of the vision markers list is to address these questions.